Sports / Remedial

Sports Massage & Remedial Massage Therapy

Sports massage can assist and enhance your athletic performance in your chosen sport.
Specific techniques including deep tissue massage, sliding cups and muscle stretching will improve circulation, increase flexibility and help prevent new or re-occurring injuries.

Pre-sport massage. Is a short vigorous energizing massage to prepare you for your event.

60 minute session  $100

Post sport Massage:  Is a flowing massage to aid with circulation, removal of waste products from the muscle tissue and relieve muscle soreness.

60 minute  session $70

Remedial massage is used to treat specific injuries, areas of muscle tightness and will work to increase       range of movement in the body. The massage techniques used allow for deeper penetration into the muscle layers and relieve tension and tightness in the muscle fascia.

Treatments for lower back pain,  Neck and Shoulder pain.

Tight hamstrings and calves. Sciatica, Hip and Groin pain.

60 minute session  $70

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